~Our initial meet and greet in your home is NO CHARGE!  All first time clients must have an initial meet and greet before I can provide services.  

~Payment is due on or before the first day of services begin.  I accept cash or etransfer only.  Receipts are ALWAYS provided.

~What kind of animals do I sit for and visit with?  Dogs, cats, rabbits, other small mammals, and fish!  Tons of experience with all.  I have also visited with birds and iguanas!  I do not care for snakes though, sorry.

~YES I am fully insured and bonded through "Profur" Pet sitting insurance.  This also covers me for home checks.

~YES I am certified in Animal Health, Pet CPR and Pet First Aid through the international "Pet Academy" training institution.

~YES I administer medications:  pill, liquid, or cream form.  I am sorry but I do not administer injections.  I am also able to clean small wounds.

~YES I provide daily updates and photos of your pets while you are away.  They are fun to receive and I enjoy sending them!

~All visits are provide in YOUR home.  This allows your pets to stay stress free and comfortable in their own surroundings, and allows me to also make sure your home is secure while you are away.


~Visits are provided between 10am and 4pm during winter months and between 10am and 7pm spring, summer, and fall, 7 days a week, 365 days a year unless I am completely booked which can happen in the summer, Thanksgiving, around Christmas, Easter/Spring Break and other long weekends.  Please book as much in advance as possible please.  

~There is an additional charge of $20 per visit on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day.

~At this time, I do not charge a cancellation fee.  However, if it becomes a habit, I will charge for the cost of the visit.  If you need to cancel a booking, please do so as soon as possible so I may make room for other clients. 


~Payment is nonrefundable after your travel time begins.

~Please have an alternate sitter (friend, family, or other insured/bonded sitter) available in the OFF CHANCE I cannot pet sit for you.  This has only happened once in 20+ years when I had a very serious family health emergency 10 hours away.  Otherwise, I pride myself in never letting you down.  I have pet sat full time for 17 different animals in one day in many separate houses during a snowstorm......with pneumonia!  

~What happens if you get delayed on your return home?  No problem!  That happens sometimes.  Please contact me right away and I will continue to provide pet care until you let me know you have returned home.  

~Please ensure that you have enough pet food, litter, pee pads, cleaning products, and medications etc available for me for while you are away.  I will charge for an additional one hour if I need to pick anything up....and most days I do not have the time to do so as I have other booked clients.


~Please ensure that your home and yard are safe during my visits.

~Unfortunately my in depth insurance coverage does not permit me to share pet sitting duties with other sitters or family members/friends.  Having others in the home as well as myself at different times can make things very confusing and things like unlocked doors or missing or overfed/underfed or not properly medicated pets occur.  I can not be responsible for any sitting arrangement where others will also be visiting.

~Please make sure things like faucets, automatic pet waterers & feeders, latches, gates, fencing, etc are in proper working condition before you leave.

~I am happy to water your indoor houseplants and small outdoor garden (within reason) while you are away, provided that easily accessible hoses/watering cans are available and sprinklers are already set up in your desired locations.  I am not responsible for the health of your plants but promise to do my best!

~KEYS:  I do require 2 house keys.  One to use during my visits, and one that I keep in a lockbox in my home in case the first was to get lost (its never happened but I like to err on the side of caution!).  They will be returned to you, either in person if my schedule will allow, or in an agreed upon hiding place in your yard (this is super convenient for us both) that we discuss at your initial meet and greet.  If you decide you will be using me regularly, I will keep these keys in my home's secure lockbox until you request to have them returned.


​~An additional charge per hour for pet sitting or per visit for home checks is added to my regular rate if you are outside my regular service area due to increased time, gasoline prices, my booking schedule, etc. 


~Pet sitting rates include 4 pets: $5 extra per pet per visit if more than four pets (this does not include fish!)

~$25 additional charge for bathing small dogs during visit.  ($25 first small dog, $10 for each extra small dog)

~There will be a $50 excessive cleaning fee added if, when I arrive, the litter box has not been properly/regularly cleaned before my arrival, food/water dishes and trays are already very dirty, pet area flooring is already needing vacuuming, pet bedding is excessively dirty, etc.  Please make sure things are ready for me.  Unfortunately, I have had to make this a policy.

~There is also an additional cost at the hourly rate if needing to be brought to your local veterinarian.  If your pet requires care, I do charge 60 cents per km as per the current 2021 provincial mileage reimbursement rate guideline as well as my hourly rate.

~I do not clean large fish aquariums but am happy to feed your fish!

~If your pet becomes sick while you are away, you will be contacted immediately upon my discovery.  We can discuss the situation then.  If I deem it an emergency, I will take your pet to the veterinarian immediately.  During our meet and greet, you will sign a form that allows me to use my educated and experienced judgement, as well as be given a form to take to your vet's office before you go so they know I am your sitter, your wishes, budget, etc if I was to bring your pet to them.  All vet bills will be paid for by you upon your return home or over the phone by you using a credit card while you are still away.  I carry a Pet First aid kit with me to all sitting appointments.  


~Lastly, remember that I am a PROFESSIONAL PET SITTER.  I come to your home to give your sweet critters the best of love and care while you are away.  I am not a landscaper or lawn mower, nor do I do yardwork, laundry (unless pet related), run non-pet related errands, drop off parcels, pick up groceries, do non pet-related housework, etc.  My entire focus is on your pets and the security of your home! :-)

~DID YOU KNOW that your insurance company REQUIRES you to have frequent home checks while you are away in order to cover your policy?  Another benefit of an "in your home" pet sitter!

~DID YOU ALSO KNOW that your pets require up to date innoculations (even if they are strictly indoor pets), a veterinarian letter that guarantees their health, will need to be pretreated for fleas & ticks, and will need to be neutered if staying at a kennel? Most kennels will also not care for animals with any incontinence or litter box issues.  You need not worry or spend the money on any of these with my IN HOME services.