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Perhaps you don't have pets, or are taking your furbabies with you on holiday.......but you are concerned about your home while away and don't want to ask your neighbours to keep tabs on your house.  Maybe you are new to the area and don't know your neighbours!  Maybe you have a second home or recreation property you can't check on regularly?  Or perhaps your home is empty because it is for sale and you have already moved?

In order to keep your house insurance valid, most insurance companies require you to have someone check your home, inside and out, every 48 hours, in order to keep your policy valid.  This is where I come in :-)

Flexible and tailored to suit your needs.

I come by and give your home a detailed home check as often as you would like and then send you a quick message letting you know how everything is.  Total peace of mind while you are away!

I check for:

  • Leaks: kitchen, bathrooms, basement, hot tubs, indoor/outdoor taps

  • Damage:  due to storms, trespassers, wildlife (rodents, raccoons, etc)

  • Packages:  bring in parcels and advertisement flyers from front entryway.

  • Appliance breakdowns:  making sure your deep freeze and other freezers and fridge are working--no one wants to come home and discover a fridge and freezer full of rotten food.

  • Plumbing issues:  I run water taps and flush toilets to keep things fresh and to prevent staining

  • Watering indoor plants:  don't worry about about your house plants!  I will make sure they are watered and spoken to!  

  • Mail/newspapers/flyers:  happy to pick up your mail and pick up your newspaper

  • Anything suspicious:  sadly, we do have crime in our beautiful area and if something doesn't look right I will let you know and we can go from there (police called, security company informed, etc)

  • Temperature:  a sudden temperature drop while you are away?  No problem, I will make sure your baseboard heaters, etc are turned on as per your instructions.  Same goes for turning on the airconditioning before you get home so you arrive to find a comfortable home.

  • Security:  I check and doublecheck your home's doors and windows, shed, greenhouse, etc each visit to make sure everything is secure and locked up tight.

  • I also adjust your blinds, curtains, and lights to make sure your home has a "someone is home look".  On snowy days, my vehicle tracks up your driveway and footprints around the exterior of your home also makes passers by think someone is home.  I'm happy to air out your home after you have been away for a long stint so things are fresh upon your return.

While you are away, for whatever reason, rest assured and feel confident that your home is being regularly checked by someone who will respect it, be thorough, and takes their job very seriously.





GREAT local references I encourage you to contact!

House Checks:    $30 - $40  per visit in Kamloops City Centre area.  

Additional hourly charge for visits outside of Kamloops city centre: for example Cherry Creek, Tobiano, Valleyview, Juniper Heights, Dallas, Barnhartvale, etc)

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