I practice strict cleanliness and sanitizing rules when it comes to keeping your pets,

you, and I safe during the Covid19 pandemic.  I am happy to share my policy with



  • Feeding as per your instructions

  • Fresh water each visit

  • Cleaning food & water dishes each visit

  • Medications given (no extra charge)--very experienced with most types (remember I'm Certified in Animal Health, Pet First Aid & Pet CPR!)

  • Fresh bedding

  • Cleaning and removing cat litter, disposing and replacing Peepee pads, outdoor bathroom breaks

  • Pet "cleanups"....hairballs, vomit, bathroom "accidents" etc!  No Problem!

  • Petting and Playtime---toys, treat scavenger hunts, playing catch, tons of TLC, etc....I always come bearing healthy "made in Canada only" treats and new toys like catnip mice, peacock feathers, bell toys, lunar balls, kongs, stuffed animals, laser pointers, etc for your pets to keep!

  • Helping to teach and enforce basic commands as per your instructions

  • Walking---very happy to take your dog or cat out for a short walk on a collar/harness and leash!

  • Grooming....brushing and nail clipping if possible.  Small dogs bathed at an additional $25 charge.

  • Pictures taken of your beloved pets and updates on their wellbeing sent to you during your trip!  Clients love these!

  • Pet "reports" are taken each visit and provided to you via text or notecard when you return!

  • Extras like bringing in your mail. newspapers and parcels, turning on & off lights and adjusting blinds & curtains, watering basic houseplants, feeding your fish, adjusting the heat, turning on & off soft music, and taking out your garbage and recyclables (please give me dates).

  • HOME CHECKS:  I make sure your doors and windows are secure and do an overall check of your home each visit.  HOME CHECKS are also available for those who do not have pets or are taking their pets with them on holidays.  See the HOME CHECK tab above!

  • Please check out the RATES section of this website to see current rates and policies.

*Please note I am currently not able to provide overnight visits*

Visits are provided between 10am and 4pm during winter months.  Visits are provided between 10am and 7pm spring, summer, and fall.  I am available 7 days a week, 365 days a year unless I am completely booked which can happen in the summer, Thanksgiving, around Christmas, and Easter/Spring Break.  Please book as much in advance as possible please.  I am very rarely out of town, but if I am I give my regular clients lots of notice by posting my away dates on my Facebook business page and/or emailing/texting them directly.  

DID YOU KNOW that your insurance company REQUIRES you to have frequent home checks while you are away in order to cover your policy?  Another benefit of an "in your home" pet sitter!

DID YOU ALSO KNOW that your pets require up to date innoculations (even if they are strictly indoor pets), a veterinarian letter that guarantees their health, will need to be pretreated for fleas & ticks, and will need to be neutered if staying at a kennel? Most kennels will also not care for animals with any incontinence or litter box issues.  You need not worry or spend the money on any of these with my IN HOME services.

I don't just "pop in".  I WANT to visit with your pets!  I love them!  I look forward to giving your pets lots of love and attention, playing with them, grooming them, giving them treats, and making sure they are stress free and happy.  I want to get to know their individual personalities. They will be relaxed and waiting for you when you arrive back home!

~For further peace of mind, I always have an extensive Pet First Aid Kit with me, your veterinarian information and emergency veterinarian numbers/info, a backup plan, and your contact information with me just in case!~