MY RATES and POLICIES (as of 2021):

PET SITTING:  Initial In Depth "Meet & Greet" (no charge).  I will visit you and your pets in your home and discuss your pet and home care needs, have some important one on one TLC time with your furry kids, complete necessary paperwork, exchange keys, go over your security system (if you have one), provide you with a large list of local references you can contact, and you can get to know ME so you can have complete peace of mind during your time away from home.  And I bring treats!  We will discuss & confirm dates/times and I will "ink' you into my calendar.  A few days before your trip, I will contact you and reconfirm everything and reassure you!  While away, I will message you with photos after each visit and let you know how your furkids are!

HOME CHECKS:  Only needing home checks?  I will stop by, we can meet, and you can show me around your home and we can discuss your needs.  I will take possession of your key, obtain your security info, have you fill out some paperwork,  take notes, and leave you feeling without a worry in the world!  A few days before your trip, I will contact you and reconfirm everything and reassure you!  While away, I will message you after each visit.

I am FULLY INSURED & BONDED to cover all pet sitting and house checking duties

Pet Sitting:    $30 per hour

House Checks:    $25 - $35   per visit  

Kamloops City Centre. 

Additional hourly charge for visits outside of Kamloops city centre: for example Cherry Creek, Tobiano, Valleyview, Juniper Heights, Dallas, Barnhartvale, etc)

  • Taxes included and no extra charge during the holidays, to administer medications, or nail clipping during visit.

  • An additional charge per hour for pet sitting or per visit for home checks is added to this if you are outside my regular service area due to increased time, gasoline prices, my booking schedule, etc. 

  • Pet sitting rates include 4 pets: $5 extra per pet per visit if more than four pets (this does not include fish!)

  • $25 additional charge for bathing small dogs during visit.

  • There will be a $50 excessive cleaning fee added to your invoice if, when I arrive, the litter box has not been properly/regularly cleaned before my arrival, food/water dishes and trays are already very dirty, pet area flooring is already needing vacuuming, pet bedding is excessively dirty, etc.  

  • Please ensure that you have enough pet food, litter, pee pads, cleaning products, and medications etc available for me for while you are away.  I will charge an additional one hour to your invoice if I need to pick anything up....and most days I do not have the time to do so as I have other booked clients.

  • Please ensure that your home and yard are safe during my visits.

  • Unfortunately my in depth insurance coverage does not permit me to share pet sitting duties with other sitters.  Special arrangements must be made with me if you will have a family member or friend stopping by while you are away.  I am not responsible for any mess, doors left unlocked, pets being let out etc by friends or family.

  • Please make sure things like faucets, automatic pet waterers & feeders, latches, gates, fencing, etc are in proper working order before you leave.

  • I am happy to water your indoor houseplants and small outdoor vegetable garden/greenhouse while you are away, providing that easily accessible hoses/watering cans are available and sprinklers are already set up in your desired locations.  I am not responsible for the health of your plants, but I will do my best!

  • Please consider giving me a key to securely keep if you think you will be using me repeatedly--I am not always available to pick up or drop off keys due to my busy pet sitting schedule--or let's make sure to agree on a safe hidden area in your yard so I can access your house key when you require and I can leave it behind on the day you are coming home.

  • I do not clean large fish aquariums but am happy to feed your fish!  Happy to clean your small fish bowl!

  • Lastly, remember that I am a PROFESSIONAL PET SITTER.  I come to your home to give your sweet critters the best of love and care while you are away.  I am not a landscaper or lawn mower, nor do I do yardwork, laundry (unless pet related), run non-pet related errands, drop off parcels, pick up groceries, do non pet-related housework, etc.  My entire focus is on your pets and the security of your home! :-)


Pictures taken of your beloved pets and updates on their wellbeing sent to you

periodically during your trip! (clients love these!)

"Pet Reports" are taken each day and provided to you via text or notecard when you return!

Method of Payment?  Cash (preferred), Cheque, or Etransfer

*Please note I am currently not able to provide overnight visits*

There is the possibility I can provide 2 visits per day if need be depending on availability, time of year and your location.

Visits are provided between 10am and 4pm during winter months.  Visits are provided between 10am and 7pm spring, summer, and fall.  I am available 7 days a week, 365 days a year unless I am completely booked which can happen in the summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Easter/Spring Break.  Please book as much in advance as possible please.  I rarely take time off, but if I do, I  notify regular clients via my Facebook business page with a lot of advanced notice and post my away dates.

If you need to cancel a booking, please do so as soon as possible so I may make room for other clients.  Payment is nonrefundable after your travel time begins. There is also an additional cost at the hourly rate if needing to be brought to your local veterinarian.  If your pet requires emergency care out of town I do charge 60 cents per km as per the current 2021 provincial mileage reimbursement rate guideline as well as my hourly rate.

Your pets will be able to continue their unique routine, sleep in their own beds in their own home with their own things with familiar sights, sounds, and smells.....and will avoid the fear and stress of being taken to a kennel that is full of unknown other pets and exposed to possible Illness, disease, worms/parasites, or fleas!  Your pets will NOT require any additional innoculations or veterinarian letter guarantees of health if staying in their own home, will not need to be pretreated for fleas, and will not need to be neutered (kennels require all of these).  Most kennels will also not care for pets with any incontinence or litter box issues. You can also rest assured knowing that God forbid your pet becomes ill while you are away, you will have someone interacting with your animals daily who can quickly provide first aid and then get your pet to your veterinarian. Your home and property will remain secure and always respected during my visits!